Meet the Team

The whole family prayed and worked hard to make this happen. It was not easy but we knew what we were aiming for so while working, the joy remained in our hearts. It is paramount to feel the advocacy behind any venture to press forward. Thank God for the lives of my nieces, nephew and sister-in-law back home for tirelessly supporting this venture.

From the setting up of the website, choosing the model, photo shoots, graphics design, video shooting and to the launching event, it was a group effort. We genuinely and sincerely appreciate all the help extended by our    friends and families.

There were never dull comments as we beat the heat of the sun during the photoshoots and scouting for good settings and background. Sleepless nights for the final set of all the graphics design were inescapable. Kudos for the job well done.

It is indeed true that if you love what you are doing, you will never have to work a day in your life as you enjoy every moment of it despite some hardships. It’s all worth it.

This will not come into fruition without God’s divine provision and guidance. To God be all the glory!

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13)